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Women In Suits

Women in Suits
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Video Channel Name

Şimdi İzle

What and How?


Achieving business growth and development by providing the ultimate tools, methods, and confidence.


Five business consulting meetings monthly

from home

“It feels so good to hear and share with other business.

 owners with the same challenges."

"How do I announce my pricing updates"?

"I wish I could discuss this issue with one of my   collogues

Those are questions I was asking myself during my first steps. With these challenges, I initiated my first "Women in Suit" group back in 2018.

Running a business is just as challenging as opening one.

My model includes the most important steps for running your business and growing your revenue.

This course gives you all the tools you need to improve your business skills.

"I'm glad I joined the meeting of women in suits. Especially because of the added value I received. It was helpful to get advice from others and to learn from their mistakes.

When I spoke about my difficulties out loud, I discovered that I was not alone". Yael Katz- Running Coach


Starting date: October 17, 2023. Every first Tuesday of the month (except the first meeting) from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST for five months:

10/10/2023 is the date of the first meeting.

2nd meeting: November 7, 2023

3rd meeting: December 5, 2023

4th meeting: January 2, 2024

5th Meeting: 06/02/2024

"We joined the Women in Suits group in 2021. It was a great experience. The women we met were talented, strong and faced daily conflicts, thoughts and dilemmas similar to ours. It was a safe place for us to share our frustration, but also our success stories. We would highly recommend any woman who thinks to open or has a small business to join Women in Suit". D+ V design is a boutique interior design studio specializing in residential design.


You will end program with all the tools and skill to build and grow your business.

Cancellation policy: You can cancel any time before our 2nd meeting 11/7/2023 and get full refund.

 Price $249

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